The Coastal impact model Inter-comparison Project (CoastMIP) is an activity that connects global and regional coastal system and impact modellers from around the world, in order to synthesize and advance existing research on coastal systems.

Our Goal: Bringing together diverse coastal systems and impact models to better understand and forecast the long-term impacts of climate change on coastal infrastructure and coastal ecosystems.

Our Questions:

What do we know on global scale about coastal zones? And which gaps remain?

What are the differences in existing datasets and how do they affect assessment of current and future coastal impacts?

What different coastal impact models exist and what are the differences in the impact estimations?


Our Approach: We use standradized earth-system models (ESMs) and climate scenarios (RCPs) as other sectors within the ISIMIP project. We also use the shared socioeconomic pathways (SSPs) based on human population growth and GDP, but with some adaptations to represent future socio-economic development in the coastal zones.